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Pedigree Coupons – April 2014

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Yay, the Pedigree website came out with a printable coupon for us! And beyond that there is a lot more going on in the world of Pedigree coupons – an e-coupon found at many stores, Target Cartwheels (if you’re quick enough to snag them) and a couple inserts to remind you about.

Pedigree Website – This printable coupon is located here:

  • Save $1 off ONE (10 Pedigree dry dog food bag, 3.5 pounds or larger

E-Coupon – This is the e-coupon that is available at many of the sites below:

  • Save $1 off TWO (2) Pedigree Treats for Dogs (includes Dentastix 5.5 oz. or larger, Marrobone 8 oz. or larger, jumbone 6.34 oz. or larger, Stackerz, Breathbusters, or Goodbites)

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Stores – This coupon is located at MANY of the stores below – but I can’t guarantee all of them because I am unable to log in and check some sites. If you want to save on Pedigree treats for your dog, go to your stores link, log in, then check out the Pet section – you should be able to quickly find this coupon and add it to your store rewards card. The expiration date should be mid – May (around May 13 or 14).

  • Kroger:
  • Safeway:
  • Publix:
  • Rite Aid:
  • Food Lion:
  • Food City:
  • Harris Teeter:
  • Bi-Lo:
  • Winn Dixie:
  • Meijer:
  • Dillons:
  • Fred Meyer:
  • Frys:
  • Giant Eagle:
  • King Soopers:
  • Price Chopper:
  • QFC:
  • Ralphs:
  • Smiths:
  • Tops:
  • Vons:
  • Weis:

Target Cartwheel – Each offer has its own link, as listed below.

  • Save 5% off Pedigree Marrobone & Jumbone (select varieties) (expires April 5) –
  • Save 15% off Pedigree Stackerz Dog Treats (all varieties) (expires April 5) –

Insert Reminders – These coupons came from the March 3 Red Plum insert and will expire on April 26

  • Save $1 off ONE (1) Pedigree Dry Dog Food, 3.5 lb. or larger
  • Buy 3 Pedigree Wet Dog Food, Get 1 Free

pedigree dry

Pedigree Coupons – March 2014

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YES! finally came out with a printable Pedigree coupon for us all to use! If you follow this blog you know how rare this is – most months we only see store-specific coupons (or none at all). I would suggest you print soon and print twice per computer! The coupon is valid on ANY two Pedigree treats, so you can get the exact variety and flavor that your dog likes. You’ll also notice a digital Kroger coupon listed below. As a reminder, that is a manufacturer coupon, so it cannot be combined with the printable. – To get the coupon, click on the picture below. This will open where the coupon has already been clipped for you – just click the red Print button. Since you are allowed two prints per computer, come on back here if you’d like a second copy and just follow the instructions again.

$1.00 off any TWO (2) PEDIGREE Treats For Dogs

Kroger – This is an e-coupon that you can add onto your Kroger store rewards card. I found it here:

  • Save $1 off any TWO (2) PEDIGREE® treats For Dogs

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Pedigree Target Coupons – February 2014

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If you’re looking to save on Pedigree this month, Target is your store. I found three new printable coupons to use, as well as two Target Cartwheel coupons that will expire on February 8. If you’re quick enough, you’ll even be able to double up your savings on 22 oz. cans of wet food. Use the 10% off Cartwheel then add the printable coupon to save an extra $1 when you buy 6.


Target – You can print out these coupons here:

  • Save $1 off ONE (1) 15 pound or larger Pedigree dry dog food
  • Save $1 off SIX (6) 22 oz. Pedigree wet dog food cans
  • Save $2 with the purchase of TWO (2) Dentastix dog treats

pedigree dentastix

Target Cartwheel – Each cartwheel coupon has its own link, as shown below.

  • Save 10% on all varieties of Pedigree Marrobone dog treats (expires 2/8) –
  • Save 10% off 22 oz. cans of Pedigree Wet Dog Food (expires 2/8) –

pedigree wet

Insert Reminders

December 15 Red Plum – These coupons were found in the 12/15 Red Plum and they will expire on February 8

  • Save $1 on ONE (1) 3.5 or larger Pedigree dry dog food
  • Save $1 on ONE (1) 8 count or 12 count variety pack OR SIX (6) single pouches or 13.5 oz. cans

January 5 Red Plum – These coupons came from the 1/5 Red Plum and they will expire on March 1

  • Save $1 on ONE (1) 3.5 or larger Pedigree dry dog food
  • Save $1 on ONE (1) 8 count or 12 count variety pack OR SIX (6) single pouches or 13.5 oz. cans

pedigree dry